Beat The Post Holiday Blues: 7 Relaxation Techniques

One minute you are lounging beside a pool, working on nothing harder than perfecting your tan; the next you are wading through emails and washing.  After a luxurious vacation, a combination of returning to the usual daily routine and tiredness can drag you down. We take a look at ways to relieve or avoid post holiday blues – and they really do work.

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  1. Accept PHP for what it is…

Post holiday blues can make you miserable enough without associated guilt. So recognise that these feelings are entirely normal and you are already part of the way there. The flat ‘low’ that we so often experience on return from holiday is the body’s way of rebalancing and adjusting the equilibrium back to normal life… just go with the flow and you will feel better in next-to-no-time.


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  1. Be at One with Nature

All too often, we have grown accustomed to hours spent in the sunshine whilst on vacation. As soon as we return we instantly go back to hours spent indoors, staring at a computer screen, sitting in a train or car and watching TV. Make time to embrace nature and be outdoors, whether it’s just a walk to work, a beachwalk  wearing nothing but sand and a cotton kaftan. At home it could be a countryside stroll or spot of gardening – the fresh air will revitalise you and restore harmony in your soul.

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  1. Mindfulness

On holiday it is so easy to savour every moment, with no chores, no work, it is possible to really live for the here and now. Once that holiday is over, it is all too easy to sink into the daily grind, complaining and not appreciating each and every moment. So why not make a conscious decision to practice Mindfulness? Whether it is whilst sitting at your desk, or just a few moments on the morning commute, focus your mind on your breathing and you will be astounded how much calmer you will feel. The Mindfulness App helps to reduce stress and increase wellbeing, stating that scientific studies prove that 20 minutes practice per day brings desired effects.

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  1. Headspace – Gym Membership for The Mind

Headspace is, in its own words, your very own personal trainer, here to train your mind. The phenomenally successful app and website has over one million users, who swear by its relaxation and brain-training techniques. There are sessions to suit your mood and lifestyle and you can even partner up with friends to help motivate you. This is a great way not only to banish the post holiday blues, but can also be practised as part of a relaxing holiday.

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  1. Exercise

The word exercise can strike fear, but with such an abundance of fitness activities widely available, there really is something for everyone. Physical exercise releases endorphins into the brain, improving your mood, and also allows you to be alone with your thoughts, a great way to clear the mind. From walking, jogging and yoga, to surfing, skateboarding and horse-riding, why not try something new, you never know you might love it. What about pwer walking on holiday. You don't have to pack your gym gear, a brisk walk on the beach burns up to three times more calories than pavement walking. Catch sun sunshine at the same time in your bikini, or if you are not brave enough, wear a cotton beach kaftan for that walk. 

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  1. Eat Clean

The delicious salads and tropical fruit that is so abundant in a luxury resort is often quickly forgotten at home, in favour of carb heavy options such as pizza and pasta. Make the effort to buy fresh, raw ingredients to pack your body full of nutrients, and you will find that a riot of holiday-inspired colour on your plate will lift your mood far more than a pile of beige potatoes or pasta (not to mention improving your health). Certain foods are proven to reduce stress, including almonds, salmon and blueberries. B vitamins are also well-known to alleviate fatigue and induce relaxation, you can take a supplement, or this super-vitamin naturally occurs in beans, peas, nuts, liver, eggs and dairy products as well as wholegrains.

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  1. Aromatherapy

There are many healing applications of essential oils, including emotional therapy. Smells stimulate the fifty thousand nasal receptors inside the nasal cavity connecting to the limbic system, which in turn releases chemicals that affect the brain; promoting feelings of relaxation, calm, love or excitement. Popular oils for stress relief and mental fatigue include lavender, frankincense, rose, chamomile and vanilla. In some cases, inhaling certain scents has been shown to have an instant stress effect - raising mood, reducing anxiety and aiding focus and concentration.

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