Beachwear Kaftans inspired by Moroccan Tile Prints

 Moroccan Tile prints seen in  myabluebeach beachwear kaftans and beachwear cover-ups  Shop designer beachwear  in the UK , buy in UK and buy in USA

Distinctive geometric style prints are often seen adorning everything from fashion to homeware and stationery this season. Conjuring up images of hot, dusty streets and washed-out sun faded tiles in such dreamy destinations as Granada or Morocco, the MyaBlueBeach design team have drawn inspiration from their travels to create tile inspired printed beachwear kaftans. The latest womenswear trend of 'The Road to Marrakech' to hit the shops this Autumn and Fall.

 hand printed morocan tile printed  cotton cover-ups, Shop womens  designer beachwear in UK , Shop womens designer beachwear in USA

Geometric, star or diamond-spangled intricate patterns, in burnt out shades of azure, cobalt, emerald and terracotta echo the intrinsically Moorish design style.

MyaBlueBeach’s fabrics are printed using a hand block technique resulting in patterns that retain much of the rusticity of their origins. Simplified and expanded, the designer beach cover-ups are eye-catchingly bold, every one unique, perfectly capturing the romance of these exotic parts of the world.

Try the exclusive Acapulco drawstring waist beach kaftan, hand printed onto cotton using an artisan printing technique. The vibrant print sits on a cool white ground, making it essential beachwear cover-up.

 printed beach ponchos and printed beach kaftans by designer beachwear brand in UK , myabluebeach , stylish holiday tunics and beach to bar kaftans

Islamic patterning, as often seen in Moroccan tilework is termed ‘Arabesque.’ Wikipedia describes this as: "A form of artistic decoration consisting of 'surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing foliage, tendrils or plain lines, often combined with other elements. It usually consists of a single design which can be 'tiled' or seamlessly repeated as many times as desired.”

These graceful patterns can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, the MyaBlueBeach San Jose white cotton beach poncho, features a subtle gold hand printed motif that is perfect if you are looking for a touch of shimmer and metallic hand embellishment for a beach party. Each of these beachwear ponchos take about five days to make, as the hand printing blocks are carved from wood. Metallic gold powder is pressed on to create and set the each exquisite Morrocan tile printed motif.

Moroccann tile prints are the style inspiration behind myabluebeach designer beachwear wardrobe of beach kaftans to buy in UK, womens kaftans and plus size designer cover-ups



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