What to Pack: The Best Kaftan Whatever Your Shape

If the thought of baring all on the beach makes you shudder, don’t despair. At MyaBlueBeach we understand that body shape is not solely about size or weight, but about proportion. We painstakingly design our beachwear collections in order to dress your proportions so that you not only look your best, but feel your very best, at every vacation occasion.

Mya Blue Beach Coral

As part of our What to Pack series, we look at 8 of our most body flattering beach cover-up styles, in line with the 4 most common body shapes; so that you can learn to embrace and enjoy your own, unique shape.

Pear Shape

Facts: Much in the way of a pear, your lower body is wider than your upper body.

Pear-shaped Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Beyonce

Style for You: Ourika – One of the most versatile Mya Blue Beach kaftans, this slightly longer length kaftan hides the tummy and hips, whilst embroidery draws attention away from the smaller bust. An unusual v-shaped hemline draws attention down the body, thereby giving the illusion of a longer, slimmer shape.

Mya Blue Beach Pink Cotton Ourika Kaftan Pear Shaped Fuller Figure

Apple Shape

Facts: An apple shaped body’s best asset is their legs, whilst most weight is carried around the torso, with little waist definition, and this shape has larger arms. They often also have a fuller bust.

Apple-shaped Celebrities: Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Drew Barrymore

Style for You: Majorca – This exceptionally slimming cotton mini dress features a flattering drop waist, whilst cap sleeves disguise larger arms and shoulders. Long slim legs are shown off to the full with the short cut and a v-neck draws the eye to a fuller bust.

Mya Blue Beach Majorca Kaftan Mini Dress Hand Painted

Hourglass Shape

Facts: Naturally curvy, this body shape tends to have hips and bust of equal proportions, with a narrower waist.

Hourglass-shaped Celebrities: Kelly Brook, Myleene Klaas, Nigella Lawson

Style for You: Paloma –this cute mini beach dress shows off a naturally defined waist, whilst the v-neck accentuates a curvaceous bust. Hips are shown off with the flippy style skirt.

Mya Blue Beach Deep V-Back Mini Dress Black or White Beach Cover-Up

Tubular/Rectangular Shape

Facts: An athletic shape, the shoulder, waist and hip measurements are usually similar and on the slim side. Arms and legs are often the best feature of this body shape

Tubular-shaped Celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Cara Delevigne, Keira Knightley

Style for You: Atheni – this very pretty yet practical crinkle-cotton strapless mini dress cinches in the waist, creating definition, whilst the ruffled bust gives the illusion of more curves.  

Mya Blue Beach Atheni Strapless Dress Beach Cover-Up


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