Our Guide to your Holiday Essentials. Part One: Packing Light is always tricky

Just-in-case!” the dreaded phrase when referring to those extra outfits crammed into your suitcase at the last minute. Whether you’re on a whirlwind European city break or a long-haul flight to a far flung beach island holiday, packing light is always tricky. So here is the MyaBlueBeach guide to creating the perfect capsule vacation wardrobe, or (in other words) packing your suitcase without breaking the zip!

Overnight Bag or Suitcase

Depending on your style, you will be a boho overnight bag type of girl or a smart wheely-suitcase traveller. Either way, make sure that you have opted for a generous enough size (bigger is usually better) and that it is practical and sturdy enough to withstand the knocks and scuffs it is bound to endure at the airport and onboard the flight.

Time Management

Lay out your bag or suitcase at least a week before you intend to travel. This makes it easy to add clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries as and when you remember then, preventing a last minute panic. Shoes are best packed first, either in pairs down the sides of a suitcase, or in the netted bag inside the lid; the same principle applies to packing a bag. Then fill in any gaps with rolled belts, lingerie and accessories. In a case, it is then best to lay your clothes in flat, whilst in a bag, roll clothing.

Suitcase Staples

The key to efficient packing is outfit planning, literally laying each outfit out on the floor, from beachwear to evening attire, top to toe. Every item should coordinate with at least two others; this prevents you from packing items that end up never seeing the light of day!

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