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Design Copyright

The designs of the MyaBlueBeach beach kaftans, tops, kaftan tunics and beach dresses are the property of MYA BLUE UK Ltd, exclusively designed by MYA BLUE UK Ltd and copyrighted to MYA BLUE UK Ltd. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. Anyone found copying, reproducing or rebranding these designs will be in breach of these terms.


The website is hosted by Shopify. The design, graphics, text, paragraphs, images and photography are the property of and are copyrighted to MYA BLUE UK Ltd. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. MyaBlueBeach is intended as a sales website for personal use. Buying products does not entitle the Customer to transmit, copy, reproduce or publish any part of the website without prior permission from MYA BLUE UK Ltd. Any person found to be infringing the copyright terms will be in breach of these terms.

Retention of Title

Purchasing from MyaBlueBeach does not give the Customer any entitlement to own the brand, the name, design content of the website, any designs or imagery.

Terms and Conditions of Trading

You agree to accept our terms at the time of purchase:

You undertake that the contact details you provide to MYA BLUE UK Ltd are correct.

You are the legal owner of the debit, credit card or PayPal account, therefore legally allowing you to purchase from this website.

You will keep a copy of your purchase for your own records.

You are over the age of eighteen.

You agree to return any unwanted goods for a refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase.

You will inform MyaBlueBeach of any change to the delivery and contact information supplied by you 

Order Contract between MYA BLUE UK Ltd and the Customer

By ordering from MYA BLUE UK Ltd, trading as MyaBlueBeach, You (the Customer) are accepting to pay for and accept delivery of the goods. On receipt of the order and payment, Mya Blue Beach agrees to dispatch the goods. MYA BLUE UK Ltd reserves the right to cancel purchase orders at our own discretion, for whatever reason. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Customer payment details are not stored by MyaBlueBeach or our website host shopify.

Account Privacy

MYA BLUE UK Ltd only retains information necessary to send out your delivery. The MyaBlueBeach website will save your order data to enable us to process your repeat purchases. MYA BLUE UK Ltd will not disclose order information or personal information to a third party without your willing consent.

Exchanges & Returns

MyaBlueBeach offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 14 days from purchase date on unwanted purchases for items delivered in the UK. Please see our Exchange and Refunds page for further information.

Order Discrepancies

Any problems with your order should be brought to the attention of MYA BLUE UK Ltd within 14 days of ordering. Mistakes will duly be corrected. MYA BLUE UK Ltd requires written notification by the customer of the exact detail of the discrepancy before any refund or replacement can be sent out. If the Customer fails to notify MYA BLUE UK Ltd of any discrepancies, at a later date, MYA BLUE UK Ltd shall have no liability whatsoever. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Delivery Times

The Customer accepts delivery dates quoted are approximate dates. MYA BLUE UK Ltd shall not be liable for any delay in delivery due to circumstances out of their control. Goods will be sent to the address provided by the Customer in your purchase order and stated in our order confirmation e-mail.

Tax & Customs

MyaBlueBeach purchase orders include Value Added Tax at the current rate. For international purchase orders being shipped outside the UK and European Union, you may be obliged to pay import duty on entry into the country. The Customer is deemed to be the importer and the import duty and taxes are the sole responsibility of the Customer.


The prices on the MyaBlueBeach website may be reviewed and are subject to change due to new products or fabrics being added to the MyaBlueBeach range. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Title of Goods

The risk of the goods shall pass to the Customer once the customer accepts delivery. When payment has been received and goods delivered the title of goods shall be passed on to the Customer. Until this time, the title of goods belongs to MYA BLUE UK Ltd.

Retention of Title

Once full payment has been received, ownership of goods passes over to the Customer. Purchasing from MyaBlueBeach does not give the Customer any entitlement to own the brand name.

Data Protection

MYA BLUE UK Ltd agrees to abide to the Data Protection Act of 1998, where it relates to this agreement of purchase orders from the Mya Blue Beach website. MYA BLUE UK Ltd advises Customers that all invoices and account information, if held, is kept in a secure environment in Head Office. MYA BLUE UK Ltd advises Customers that data will not be passed onto a third party without Your willing consent. All copies of Customer orders can be obtained from MYA BLUE UK Ltd at the Customers written request.

Customer Conduct

MYA BLUE UK Ltd reserves the right to cancel Customer purchase orders at our own discretion, for whatever reason. This does not affect your statutory rights. You must not use a fraudulent credit or debit card. You cannot use this website to send e-mails or messages or material that is deemed offensive. Anyone found to be using this website for unlawful practices will be in breach of these terms 

Loss & Damage

In the event that a delivery is lost in transit and significant evidence is provided, MyaBlueBeach will refund the purchase total. MyaBlueBeach cannot in any way be deemed liable for loss of profit, indirect loss or consequential loss of profit due to loss of a purchase in transit.

Law & Domicile

The Sales of Goods on this website and the Terms & Conditions of Sale set out in this document are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Company Profile

MYA BLUE UK Ltd is a UK business, established in 2000. The company is registered at 913a Uppingham Road, Bushby, Leicestershire LE7 9RR, UK

GB Company Registration Number: 409 0798      GB VAT: 754 637 016

Tel: +44 (0)116 241 4627      Fax: +44 (0)116 243 3406      E-mail:

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